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Below are a list of speakers and the topics they discussed during their seminars.

We appreciate everyone below for giving wonderful presentations this year at the Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show. Thank you for donating your time and knowledge.

Jason AlbeeJason’s Fishing Adventures

Jason runs a 6-pack charter out of Newport and targets these wonderful halibut fish.

Seminar Topic: Nearshore Halibut

The nearshore halibut fishery, particularly the Central Oregon Coast subarea, has been a popular go-to option for coastal anglers in the early summer months.  These fish are found in depths usually less than 100’. Jason will deliver the details you need to be successful as he goes through the gear, bait and ideas on where to find them.  Don’t miss this one!

Charles LoosThe Ocean Coach

Charles has trained over 200 Oregon captains about how to cross the bar, judge forecasts, make the go- or no-go decision and navigate with skill and confidence.  A lifelong waterman, Charles offers one-on-one coaching as well as online digital courses.  You can learn more about this at theoceancoach.com

Seminar Topic #1: Navigation Skills That Will Catch You More Fish

Chartplotters are great, but without these skills you’re probably catching fewer fish than you should. This seminar takes you through the specific navigation skills you need to find fish, exchange hotspots with other captains, and use your chartplotter like a boss.   You’ll learn where you might have holes in your skill set, and come away with a plan to learn more.

Seminar Topic #2: Bar Crossing Basics- Foundational skills for crossing the bar

The best preparation for crossing the bar is understanding it.  We’ll start with the basics, and learn what the bar is, how it behaves, and what you need to learn to cross it safely

Pro EscabedoVIP Outdoors

Pro guide and owner of VIP Outdoors, Escabedo is known for his expertise in fishing spinners for salmon. His company builds finished spinners, spinner blades and a range of terminal tackle that guides around the NW rely on. Escabedo is also a diehard lingcod and bottom fish charter operator.

Seminar Topic: Near Shore Lingcod and Bottom Fishing

Escabedo will share his tips on what he does to log consistent catches of these tasty nearshore species. If you’ve spent any time around the fish cleaning tables in Astoria you know he has this fishery dialed in. 

Jake ShapleyWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Jake was drawn to science and technology from a very young age. His first job in high school was with a computer networking contractor. He spent his university years studying late Pleistocene Archaeology and Paleoecology, mapping mammoth excavations and site distributions in the Pacific Northwest. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in data management, working with a wide variety of data types. He has spent 15 years developing and supporting applications, the last 8 in mobile software and hardware development. Jake is passionate about building solutions that solve real-world problems.

Seminar Topic: Building an Extensible, Dynamic Fish Identification Mobile App

We will discuss why and how we built the West Coast Fish ID app to assist anglers in identifying fish they encounter. We will also share future opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to allow users to identify fish with their smartphone camera.

Rachel WoldUniversity of Washington

Rachel has taught navigation, participated in USCG Auxiliary safety cruises, and piloted boats through the Inside Passage. She is an oceanographer at the UW Applied Physics Lab participating in cruises to monitor water quality. Combining her boating and science backgrounds, she is currently Outreach Chair for the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS), demonstrating the NANOOS NVS Boaters and NVS Tuna Fishers Applications to recreational boaters and fishers while collecting feedback to enhance usability.

Seminar Topic: Using the NANOOS NVS Tuna Fishers and Boaters App: Easy access to observations, forecasts, and trip planning info for safe boating and fishing

Weather and sea surface conditions can be variable so mariners need accurate, timely information for safe navigation and successful fishing trips. The NANOOS Visualization System (NVS) Tuna Fishers and Boaters Apps are free online portals with near real-time and forecasted ocean data, including datasets such as surface temperature and currents, pychnocline, and thermocline, and tools like digital NOAA nautical charts, routing capabilities and marina information.

Del Stephens

Del’s a local angler that needs little, if any, introduction. He’s a passionate tuna fisherman who’s traveled the world catching tuna.  His seminars are information packed and this one is no different.

Seminar Topic: Adjusting Your Tuna Tactics to the Bite

Best laid plans. Sometimes you head out and your plan is to troll, only trolling isn’t what the fish want. Del dives into knowing when to adjust your tactics and what those options might be. We’ve all been there, which makes this seminar so relevant and timely.

Cpt. Mark McCulloch

Mark is a long-time sport and commercial fisher.  He’s had a CG license since 1982 and has operated many commercial and charter boats over the years. Although not as glamorous as tuna fishing, deep water rockfishing has always been one of Mark’s favorite fisheries. 

Seminar Topic: Deep Water Lingcod and Long-leader Rockfising

The Oregon “Long Leader” regulation has been with us for a few years, but the fishery has been with us for many decades. This seminar combines old-school know-how on deep water rockfishing, with modern technology and resources. We’ll cover; the gear; locating the best areas using all available charts and tools; how to get the best out of your sonar/fishfinder for deep water rockfishing; using your boat for the maximum success (positioning the drift). We’ll also discuss some myths, and what is probably the #1 secret to success (hint: it’s not the technical skill!)

Cpt. Gordy WebsterBlack Dogg Guide Service

Captain Gordy Webster of Black Dogg Guide Service has several “bread and butter” fisheries that include sturgeon, Buoy 10, tuna trips, deep water lingcod, bottom fishing, crabbing and deep water halibut.

Seminar Topic: Deep Water Halibut

We’re excited to have Gordy join us and share his expertise in deep water halibut fishing. He’ll go through the A to Z from gear selection and where to find them, to what to use when you get there. This fishery continues to be one of the more popular off the Oregon Coast thanks to the exceptional quality of these halibut as table fare and is always a popular topic at the Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show.

Dave Phillips

Dave is well-known from appearances on Angler West TV and a documentary about the Oregon Tuna Classic. His home is in Banks, OR and his home port is Garibaldi.

Seminar Topic: Iron Fishing for Tuna

Adding iron to your tuna technique: whether you are a hardcore or occasional iron fisherman, Dave will share tips and tricks to hook fish on iron.

Damon StrubleNomad’s Fishing Adventures
Damon Struble holding fish

Damon Struble is the owner/operator of Nomad’s Fishing Adventures. He was raised in Corvallis, Oregon and started fishing and hunting with his father and brothers at a young age, sneaking out of the house early on weekend mornings with a fishing pole or bow and arrow hoping to bring home a trophy. His wife would say not much has changed. Damon is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain, and licensed to guide on Oregon’s rivers, lakes, and ocean. Damon fishes for fall and spring salmon, winter steelhead, sturgeon, lingcod, trout and kokanee.  

Seminar Topic: Mooching and Limits of Lingcod

Want to consistently catch limits of lingcod? Damon will discuss safety on the water, fish finder tips, mapping programs and other online resources to help you find and catch lingcod. Then, he’ll share how to setup your gear to maximize your time on the water and fish in the boat!

Kat TorresMcKay Shrimp and Crab Gear

Seminar Topic: Puget Sound Shrimping

Early May signals the opening of Puget Sound’s renowned shrimp fishery.  These tasty crustaceans draw shrimpers from across the NW all looking to harvest their share of this tightly managed season.  Kat from McKay Shrimp and Crab Gear, the folks that build the traps, will share the how, what and where of Puget Sound shrimping.  If this is something you’re interested in doing, this is the place to start and if it’s something you’ve done for years you’ll likely pick up some useful tips to make your trips to Puget Sound even more productive.

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