Board Members

Mike Carter
Mike Carter – President: Known as fish-gitter on IFISH, Mike has served as president since 2014.

Walt Metcalfe
Walt Metcalfe – Vice President:Walt has served on the board since 2012 and is a retired research biologist from Pleasant Hill. He says, “I’m happy to help this fine group of people improve fishing opportunities through education.”

Mike Krasnow
Mike Krasnow – Secretary & Board Member: Mike has served on the board since 2012.

Marie Keene
Marie Keene – Executive Manager: Marie has been a member of the board since 2009. She is the accountant for OCEAN and the Saltwater Show and handles marketing and trade show coordination as part of her duties.

Ed Keene
Ed Keene – Past President & Board member: As one of the original Salty Dogs, Ed is a founding member of OCEAN. He served as President in 2005 and 2006 and from 2008 through 2012. Ed fishes the oceans and rivers whenever possible.

Ron Mason
Ron Mason – Past President & Board Member: Ron was one of the original Salty Dogs. He has been instrumental in building the demonstrations that are such an important part of SSS.

Lee Putman
Lee Putman – Board Member: Lee is one of the original Salty Dogs and founders of OCEAN and Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show. At the SSS, Lee helps layout the trade show, directs traffic during set up and take down and serves where needed.

LeRoy Schultz
LeRoy Schultz – Board Member: LeRoy served in the Navy and later retired after 30 years from teaching third to sixth grades. He has served as treasurer and secretary for OCEAN and has run the SSS registration desk for several years.

Nolan Matsumoto
Nolan Matsumoto – Board Member: Before retiring Nolan spent 35 years with the phone company in Ontario, Oregon. He joined the OCEAN board in 2013 and volunteers as an auction/raffle coordinator and does whatever needs doing.

Russ Lawrence
Russ Lawrence – Board Member: Russ is a semi-retired Civil engineer/fluvial geomorphologist. His work focused on stream and river aquatic habitat restoration for 20+ years. He enjoys salt and fresh water fishing.

Larry Warren
Larry Warren – Board Member:Larry joined the OCEAN board in 2017 and currently organizes seminars at the Saltwater Show. He believes that the future of sport fisheries depends on conservation efforts and responsible harvesting.

Mark Noll
Mark Noll – Board Member: Mark became a board member in 2017. His duties include soliciting auction and raffle donations.