Demonstrations are scheduled in the trade show and are open to all attendees at no additional cost except a small charge for materials used in tackle building. (You can take home your project.)

Halibut Leader and Tuna Clone Tackle Building – Center Booths

OCEAN volunteers will provide hands-on training about how to make a halibut setup and a tuna clone rig. There is a small charge for materials used, but you can take home your project for your next fishing trip.

OCEAN Demonstrations on how to use salmon de-hookers and release devices – Center Booths

Includes FREE devices and ID Cards
Learn how to use de-hookers and barotrauma devices to conserve endangered species of rockfish and salmon. OCEAN
supplies these devices plus laminated identification cards for rockfish and salmon to help you comply with regulations. Funding is provided through your support of Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show.

Oregon State Police – Booth # 21

Oregon State Troopers from coastal communities will be on hand to answer questions on these topics:
• Tuna – requirements for selling commercially
• Salmon – Identification
• Ocean Charters and Guides – current issues with illegal charters and guides and how the public can protect themselves
• Shellfish – Crab and Clam rules and regulations
• Ocean Fishing Gear Board – Legal gear vs. illegal gear

Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) – Booth #s 19 & 20

Expert representatives will have hand-outs and information on
marine recreational fisheries and will answer questions.

Oregon State Marine Board & Sea Grant – Booth # 28

The Oregon State Marine Board is the state’s recreational
boating agency, serving boaters through education, enforcement, access and environmental stewardship for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Oregon Sea Grant and OSU – Booth # 28

is an integrated program of research, outreach, and education to help you understand, rationally use and conserve marine and coastal resources. We are part of OSU’s Extension Service. In partnership with the Oregon State Marine Board we share information with boaters and anglers about waste disposal practices to prevent sewage from entering waterways.

Nanoos (NW Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems) – Booth # 31

Nanoos provides information about sea temperatures and other data for tuna anglers. The information they provide enhances your safety on the water. They will present a seminar on Sunday morning at 8:15.

NOAA – Visit with representatives to learn how to rig your crab pots. Booth # 18

US Coast Guard (Yaquina Bay) – Booth # 96 – Stop by to say thank you to the people who keep us safe on the water.

Coast Guard Auxilliary (Newport)Booth # 97 

Elakha Alliance – Booth # 29 – Dedicated to the preservation of our sea otter population.

Yoda’s Lounge – Booths # 41 & 42 – Visit with Mark McCulloch and Charles Loos – Dead Bait for Albacore.