Speakers & Seminars 2020

Slow Jigging ~ the Easy Way to Fish Iron

Presented by:  Mark Youngblood and Matt Shafer

Topics to be covered:

  • Jigging techniques
  • What rods and reels you should use
  • What kind of line works best
  • Discussion of the jigs themselves
  • How to use your electronics and jigs together to catch more fish



Casting, jigging, bait and trolling in three dimensions

Presented by Dave Phillips (Teton)

Discussion Topics: Maximize opportunity by integrating surface, near surface and deep presentations, Casting, Jigging, Bait selection, Trolling, Gear and Technique



Presented by OSU Extension Service Master Food Preservers Volunteers


Weather Forecasting ~ the Go or No-Go Decision

Presented by Charles Loos – the Ocean Coach

Before venturing onto Oregon’s ocean waters, mariners must decide if a trip is safe based on the latest forecasts of wind, swell and tide. 

*Learn where to find and interpret forecasts and understand the over-simplifications and uncertainties inherent in forecasts

* Understand how wind, swell and tide interact and change throughout the day

* Form a mental picture of likely bar and sea conditions

Using Technology to Catch More Tuna 

Presented by Del Stephens

Del needs no introduction to NW Anglers.  He’s the author of The Dark Side, one Man’s Journey to the 125 Line and Back and hosts Canyon Warriors TV which airs a couple times per year and is a regular guest on local outdoor TV and radio show. 

Del’s seminar is an introduction to Fish Mapping using SiriusXM Marine.  He will also demonstrate how to use Panoptix to find fish without trolling.

Welcome back, Del. 


NANOOS NVS Data Explorer, Boaters, and Tuna Fishers Apps for safe boating and fishing.

Presented by Rachel Wold – Oceanographer & NANOOS Education & Outreach


Deepwater & Long-Leader Rockfishing

Presented by:  Mark  McCulloch

The new “Long Leader” Oregon regulation has created amazing opportunities. Mark will share the various skills involved in finding & catching deepwater rockfish.

This includes:

  • The gear ~ (both “long leader” and regular)
  • Locating the best areas, using all available tools
  • Sonar / fishfinder: Get the best use out of your equipment for this fishery
  • Using the boat for maximum success: Positioning

Surviving Congested Waters ~

Breaking the Navigation Rule Stigma 

Presented by Capt. Dan Shipman USCG 

Dan will focus on basic information recreational boaters need:

  • Navigation rules to avoid collision and near miss situations
  • Basic tools to help you recognize potential risk and how to react to it

Finally, there will be a review of an actual collision:

  • the causal factors
  • the chain of events
  • how it could have been avoided if the basic rules were followed 


Benefits of Running Flasher Bumper Leaders with Flashers

  • Presented by Ken Valinti of Coldwater Strong, LLC
  • With so many flashers available in the industry, why use flasher bumper leaders in front of your flasher?
  • What length of bumper leader should be used for inline or 360 flashers?
  • What benefits are there in using bumper leaders for flashers?