Speakers & Seminars 2018

Safety at Sea – Skills, Equipment and the Coast Guard – presented by Charles Loos & Dan Shipman

  • Our Dynamic Duo is Back by Popular Demand.   Maybe you were lucky enough to attend their past seminars about Sea Conditions and Bar Crossings.  This new presentation takes that one up a notch.  It’s a step by step approach about taking care of your own safety and that of others on your boat.  AND – it’s available ONLY at the Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show.
    • Discussion Topics
      • Essential skills – waypoint navigation, electronics, weather forecasting
      • Essential equipment
      • Maintenance
      • No-cost safety upgrades – float plan, buddy boat, online resources
      • Bar crossings
      • Man overboard/cold water
      • Kayaks and personal watercraftDiscussion Topics Include:

Tuna in 3-D – Presented by Dave Phillips (Teton)  

  • Casting, jigging, bait and trolling in three dimensions

Essential First Aid When You’re at Sea – presented by Jack and Renee Martin

      • You’re 10 miles offshore, 30 from the nearest USCG post and you or someone on your boat has a medical emergency.  You have only a minimal first aid kit.  What happens now?

Halibut Fishing off the Oregon Coast – presented by Dave Steele

      • A comprehensive approach to help you catch halibut.

Fishing Buoy 10 – presented by Mark Youngblood

Halibut Hooking Behavior – Presented by Steve Kaimmer

Electronics – Why Spend the Money? presented by Scott Walters (Lucky Duck)

  • Not a sales pitch – just a practical approach to help you choose the right marine electronics for YOU.